Artificial Intelligence

Many people fear artificial intelligence. I think this is due to the fact that they can’t wrap their mind around it. Because what is AI really? Pretty much every organization, magazine, website and influencer has its own definition, varying from tailored promotion to a world flooded with robots that outsmart us. Especially the last definition scares us, as this means AI could become dangerous or at least take our jobs.



Teaching computers to learn with AI will transform IT and reshape your business.


Artificial intelligence – coming to an advisor near you
To make decisions that will result in great returns, financial advisors are adapting to the world of algorithms and statistics. But 'you're still going to need human beings to interact with people and explain.
AI in banking
The financial industry has drastically changed. Digital banking has become wildly popular, customers have gained more insights into the way bankers handle their personal data and the PSD2 regulation has opened up a whole new world of competition. AI can be deployed to conduct better stock analyses and predictions.
AI in recruitment
Recruiters do their best trying to find the crème de la crème of IT professionals, but they only have two hands. Computers have none, but with AI they don’t need any. A smart computer is able to analyze a huge amount of data on company details, culture codes, hiring trends and job offers.