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For Life on the go- In this modern era of world where all the communication takes place via mobile phone, this was one of the biggest challenge that insurance companies are facing. Well, the insurance app makes it possible for the customer to collect all the details related with the life insurance policy. Have a quick simulation by easily applying through an app using smartphone or if registered a policy holder can simply check the details while on a go.

With the mobile app it bridges the gap between the policy holders and insurers. Empowering the insurer to prominent customer experience by drawing in the customer better through fast reaction and by giving simple access to data.

Life cover required amount
The application enables the customer to buy life insurance policy, choose the life cover required amount & pay the premium as per suitability.
Frequency of payment
Policy holder can choose the option of monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to pay the premium at flexibility.
Interest accumulator
The app automatically calculates the interest rate applied per minute thus user can easily check their interest.
Premium payment reminder
Policyholder receives premium payment reminder notification so there is no need to worry about paying premium on time.
Flexible payment mode
Add money in insurance account, withdraw, send money to a friend or pay the premium by choosing multiple payment option.
Policy holder can directly contact to insurer app support number or can submit their issues, the backend will receive it & contact them.