Parent Gratification, Make Easily Using Digitial Campus. Fullfilling Exceptional Institutional Service with eCampus360.

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eCampus an Overview Measure and manage. Pre-built online SRM for institutional Management show you where your Staffs and Students excels and where they want more training and concentration.

Why eCampus360

School Automation Software will be designed to improve the way the school is managed and a step ahead towards the goal of paperless as of full automation of school administration.It is an interactive platform for all entities of Students, Teachers, Management, Trustees, Parents. The best thing about eCampus360 school management software is that it integrates all the departments, processes and functions of school by consolidating respective information on a central server, which helps in better information sharing and fast retrieval of information, making the task more streamlined and organized. This, in turn, helps school management to take prompt decision.


  • Connects all Education Stakeholders Administrator, Teachers, Students and Parents.
  • No Hardware No Software No Installation Required
  • All the transactions are strongly encrypted, ensuring confidentiality and security of the database.
  • SMS alert system for fees, exam, transport, management etc
  • Central secure database structure that organizes, stores and retrieves real-time information