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Whether it's driving innovation or delivering new efficiencies and cost reduction, CODASSL is redefining the way companies benefit from global services.


From cross channel optimization to managing risk and regulatory compliance, Industry leaders choose us to help them work better and work differently.

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Application development services for wealth management, BPO and consulting for hedge funds and asset management services for...

Consulting & Solutions

Our consulting and solutions offerings help you run better and run differently. A wide variety of services across the financial services spectrum.

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Driving Digital Experience through the Cloud Here’s how businesses across industries are realizing new levels of agility, resilience, security and efficiency through the cloud.


The system has resulted in ongoing cost savings due to reduction in support and maintenance requirements, streamlined business processes and a more standardized architecture.

Asset and Wealth Management

Digital and Advisory Services to Meet Changing Customers Expectations, Improve Profitability and Create Sustainable Growth


We are a global leader in transformation and implementation and a strategic advisory partner for our clients.

Capital Markets are redefining the future of work across industries. Digital advancement has paved the way for newer operating models and advice delivery channels for asset and wealth managers. From automated advice to intelligent process automation, digital has now become an expectation in every step of the value chain.

Codassl Asset and Wealth Management practice provides digital and advisory services to ensure asset and wealth managers meet shifting customer demands in a rapidly growing marketplace. We work with our clients—leading broker dealers, private banks, hedge funds, mutual fund providers and investment companies—to build deeper relationships with their customers through cohesive digital experiences, data-driven insights and future-proof operating models.


Digital Customer Experience

Understand your customers’ fundamental motivations at every step to implement the right technologies for the right channels via digital. Boost customer engagement and retention and win market share by leveraging new digital platforms and technologies.

Target Operating Model

Develop a target operating model to ensure your organization’s resources are effectively supporting a strategic vision. Build a tailored operating model that incorporates end-to-end digital thinking to align organizational efforts and ensure resources are focused on reaching your business vision.

Regulatory Compliance

Be prepared to increase and modify reporting measures, as well as understand the operational impact of new regulations and compliance initiatives on organizational structure and lines of business. Ease regulatory obligations from the Department of Labor, Financial Stability Oversight Council and the Securities Exchange Commission by implementing systems tailored to their reporting needs.


Intelligent Process Automation

Utilize intelligent process automation to improve organizational efficiency and increase margins. Intelligent process automation can provide improved task accuracy, reduction in process cycle times and improved productivity within business units.

Artificial Intelligence & Analytics

Leverage big data, thick data and analytics to empower the advisor and enhance the delivery of advice. Gather and analyze data and client demographics from across the organization to improve customer relationships, deliver increased value and make data-driven operational decisions.


Top financial institutions rely on us to address process and technology challenges in mortgage, auto and student lending.

Demographic trends like the rise of social media and the growth of emerging markets are creating opportunities for lenders to create new products. Yet with added pressure to secure more and better loans, the cost and risk of acquiring good customers remains challenging.

To address these concerns, we offer consulting services and pre-built frameworks covering a wide range of consumer lending practices. Each solution provides time-to-market advantages and addresses rigorous business and IT needs.

Card & Payments

Leading banks worldwide trust our payment solutions for transaction processing, application processing, customer care and more. With new regulations, mergers and other forms of uncertainty sweeping financial markets, monitoring and reducing risk is a business imperative.


Tighter credit markets require greater emphasis on IT governance and risk compliance. Leading North American and European banks rely on us for successful risk management solutions.


We help investment bankers perform faster and at lowercost. Codassl helps you find new ways to succeed in today’s more complex investment banking environment. Our team consists of more than 3,000 business analysts, domain experts and technical experts. And some of the most prominent investment banking and brokerage firms in the world are among our clients.


A full range of retail IT solutions, commercial lending, trade finance. Our Retail and Wholesale Banking provides techno more.


Engage Codassl to upgrade your custody systems, investment servicing, collateral management and more.

Consulting Solutions

Our consulting and solutions offerings help you run better and run differently. Our industry expertise and business solution capabilities are both deep and broad in financial services.

A wide variety of services across the financial services spectrum

Latest Thinkings